Monday, 26 July 2010

Teething Woes

Mum totally didn't expect me to get teething pain because I've been fed gripe water since I was 4-5 months. It's like holy water (not really but you catch my drift?) to teething babies but apparently it doesn't work on SOME babies and I'm one of them! I have older twin cousins and they were fed gripe water like I was and they didn't get any teething pain and Mum's sister swore on gripe water for their painless teething period!

High fever of 40C for 4 nights + Vomitting for 3 days + Loss of Appetite + Red Swollen Gums = Sick Me + Sleepless Mum + Sensitive Dad (x 10)

You can figure out how the house was with the above summary of my teething woes. Incase you're wondering, I've 5 teeth trying to pop out of those gums at the same time. I slept a lot after meds and antibiotics but the ones who had to stay awake to look after me was worse for health (mentally!!). Mum took two days off work and then came the weekend so we both got the much needed rest and love. I got better by Saturday but woke up to find horrible red rashes all over my face and body. Oh Great!...NOT!!

Mum took me to the doc and she said that the rashes were an automatic reaction to my high fever who got too comfy in my body and decided to over-stay. A dash of calamine lotion everyday, made the rashes go away!

I'm back to my happy self to the relief of Mum & Dad. They just worry too much. If I could've said it aloud, Mum would've said, "Wait till you have your own kids!!" - a famous sentence of her Mum tattooed in her mind, which I'll be hearing it for years to come.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Crabby Crab

This lil crab was wriggling under Mum's feet when she was lying on the beach. Poor thing was more startled than Mum!

Monday, 12 July 2010


Mum had visitors during the weekend and as soon as the Auntie & Uncle arrived, I instantly crawled to hug the Uncle. Auntie wanted a cuddle but I kinda got stuck on him. Auntie didn't give up on trying to get a hug out of me so she tried her best to be nice, sweet and playful but I was having none of it. Uncle loved my attention so he told Auntie to give it a rest. Mum felt bad so she ripped me away from Uncle's leg and made me sit on Auntie's lap for a few seconds...1-2-3-ok-that's-enough!

When I go to visit my cousins, I automatically crawl towards their daddies and how hard their mummies try, I pay no attention to them. Ofcourse Mum has to be the villain and rip me away from the daddies and force let me pay a bit of attention to the mummies. You can see the routine here - me getting attached and Mum ripping me away. I fear for my future girlfriend(s)!

At home, I'm more attached to the Helper than Mum and more to Mum than Dad and it's in that order because I get to see the Helper more than Mum and third place goes to Dad. Sometimes Mum "dreams" of quitting her job, letting go of the Helper (it's just her "dream", remember!) and look after me 24-7 so she would be the first person I would go to if I need something but reality sucks - someone's gotta bring that milk-money home!!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Innocent Eyes

We had gone swimming last Thursday so this pic is from that day. We had just returned to the flat after swimming and I kept on looking down towards the swimming pool from the window. My innocent eyes are begging her to stop clicking my pics and take me to the swimming pool again.....innocent eyes gone unnoticed. This is my first ever linky (after making a boo-boo on another linky last week *oops*) and I'd to add something...not so wordless afterall. Blame Mum please, not me!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Wise Shopping

I got lots of pressies before and after I was born that Mum didn't have to shop for my clothes for a good 6 months. Some of the pressies are stored away as they are for 2 -3 year olds and some new unworn ones were passed to my lil brother (Dad's brother's son). Mum keeps an eye on the stored clothes as I tend to grow too fast for a one year old's shirt/tee/shorts/jeans/etc.

We have to LOVE the shopping in HK - you can get a mix of cheap good stuff as well as expensive bad stuff. Mum can't help but go in to every shops that have displays of kids' clothes - be it an outlet or the higher end stores. Once she bought a tee for HK$200 and saw the same tee in a stall for HK$50 and she nearly banged her head on a pole when walking past that stall. OK - quality was a bit low but everything was nearly and perfectly similar to the expensive tee. I'm growing up fast so the expensive tee was worn only for a good dozen of times and Mum couldn't seem to store it away as she felt like it wasn't used to a max (C'mon Mum, my belly was hanging out of the tee - not a good look on me!).

Yes, she learnt her lesson! For HK$200, she started coming home with 4 tees instead of one and I wear a different one everyday and even if it outgrows me in 2 weeks, Mum doesn't mind anymore (No more hanging belly *YAY*).

The places she normally shops are the lanes in Central, H&M, Mongkok market, Jordan market, Stanley market, Giordano, Bossini, Mothercare and Marks & Spencer. The 3 in 1 and/or 5 in 1 pack is of great value!
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