Monday, 27 September 2010

Get Your Own Mummy, Kiddo!

Mum took some time off from her lecture notes and took me to the play-area on Thursday (it was a public holiday in Hong Kong to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival). She was surrounded by few kids and I thought that they were just keen to look at the camera which she had in her hands but I was wrong. She is not shy of making funny noises or making faces to embarass entertain me so the kids were looking at her and laughing. Maybe she should join the circus! *hmph* This other young mummy also took out her camera to capture the precious moments of her kid (the kid in the pic above) and tried to get his attention but guess who was he busy following around in the play-area? YES, MY MUM!!

Mum = Goofy
Kid = Stalker
Ash = Irritated
Photo Proof = Priceless!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Lost Follower(s)

OK, this is not good! I lost a follower and I really need to know how do you lose a follower? Mum has been extremely busy with work, Uni and domestic life so I blame her for this loss so I will definitely update more from now on - twice a week. Is twice a week good enough to keep a follower? Is this "through your eyes" perspective not readable? Guess it is a bit lame to type through my eyes when I can't even put A and B together but Mum can "read" my signs, apparently. Am I not leaving enough comments on other blogs? Any good tip is really appreciated.

Well I have to agree with you all that this blog has been bit of a drag after Mum started Uni but let's give her a break. She was so immersed in her reading materials on Saturday that she let me watch TV for an additional hour. Unfortunately, the enjoyment of extra hour of TV has not happened again because she has started reading when I take my 2 hour-nap.

Coming back to me, I have started walking a lot when someone holds my hands and am more vocal these days especially when I am on the slide or the swing. I humm along when Helper sings badly. My favourite hobby is still sitting by the window and watch the vehicles go by. I am also learning things faster like giving out a flying kiss, let the cars roll along (rather than throwing them on the floor with an evil laugh), giving a kiss especially to Mum since she demands it every other minute, fake those crocodile tears more often, shake my head and reject food when i want to drink water, copying anyone's laughter and putting things back in the play-basket. I also tried to figure out how to sip through a straw but I kept on biting it and no water was coming out. So I end this post with a question:

How did you force encourage your kid to suck on the straw?

Friday, 10 September 2010


Education starts from home but there's only Helper to teach me during the week so maybe that's why I don't babble too much/not said my first word yet. Helper sings the famous nursery ryhme like this:

"Baa Baa Buck Ship, Haf Yeh Eny Ool? Yash Sir Yash Sir 3-4-5..."

Mum told her not to sing if she doesn't know the words but she LOVES to sing! Mum and Dad overlooks her poor English because she is great on taking care of me. Things you have to put up with for great love and greater care.

After a well-thought plan (in process) of Mum, we might be moving back to London in a couple of years. Mum despises the miserable weather and high taxes but UK is well-known for its superb quality of education so she'll be getting dragged backwards by me and my future.

Hong Kong's education is not bad if you know the lingo but the best local schools are hard to get into (pressure on parents) and also hard to stay once you're in (pressure on kids). Second option is international school which will cost you an arm, a leg and a bit of your hair. Talking about education, Mum is going back to Uni to do Professional Diploma in Legal Executive Studies mainly because she doesn't want to be one of those old grey haired women with glasses who has been a secretary for more than 30 years!! No offence to any old grey haired women with glasses but she'd like to better her career to provide me with a good future. I am her "motivation". It will take 2 years of her precious time to complete this course and we can finally stop hearing her regretting to herself "I coulda...."

Monday, 6 September 2010

Game On!

Due to Mum being sick, the blog was running empty for over a week but she has finally recovered from cold, cough, runny nose/blocked nose, high fever and body-aches. Her body is not the same anymore after giving birth to me, which she reminds me that I was totally all worth it! Maybe the reminding is meant to be more for her than me.

I've been showing more interest on walking when someone holds my hands and I also move around on the walker more. The interest doesn't last very long though. I can easily ignore Helper's effort to try making me walk but with Dad, it's a different scenario as he doesn't give up as easily as Helper. Good thing that Dad doesn't get that many days off from work!

My latest obsession is emptying my play-basket and the middle drawer (full of CDs and DVDs) of the TV cabinet. I hear a good number of "No!" being thrown towards me while I take everything out but I'd rather keep Helper busy than bored. Mum is trying to teach me how to put those things back in place but I'm not getting the hang of it because emptying the basket and drawer is more fun! As soon as the floor is tidy, I pull everything out once again but one time, no one moved to clear up the mess. I waited and waited.....and waited till I fell into a snooze. By the time I was awake, the floor was clean so I went to pull everything out again. Score: One to Ash!
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