Friday, 20 August 2010

Nosy Parker!

I have to agree that I don't look cute anymore when crawling because I'm bigger and taller now and when I get off the swings at the playground, people look in disbelief when I crawl. Mum had an unwanted conversation with this old woman:

Old woman: How old is he?

Mum: 14 months….

Old woman: Why is he crawling then?

Mum: Because he wants to…. (trying to walk away from her)

Old woman: (her voice gets a bit louder when she sees Mum trying to avoid the conversation) He needs to start walking. When you pulled him off from the swing, I expected him to walk but he CRAWLED!

Mum: I'm sure he will walk when he's ready. I don't want to force him.

Old woman: Sometimes, forcing is good!

Mum: (with a fake smile) OK….why don't you apply that to your grand-son who has been hogging the swing for 30 minutes when other people are queuing to use it? He needs to be taught how to be considerate.

Old woman: It's none of your business how we teach our kids/grand-kids.

Mum gives her a look which makes her stop talking and goes towards the swing to get her grand-son off the swing.

**No old women were hurt in this part of the conversation**

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Slide UP

Always happy to link up with gorgeous Alicia and Amanda on a glorious Wednesday. Please visit them or join in the fun every Wednesdays.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Daddy Dear

After failed attempts of Dad trying to make me walk on the boring walker and buying a musical activity walker to make me want to walk it more fun, I'm still crawling and I'm about to reach my 14th-month. Mum and Helper just let me be and they comfort Dad by saying that I WILL walk when I WANT to walk but Dad thinks that there's something wrong with me. Maybe I am just a late-starter but Dad can't help but to compare me with other kids! "My friend's son started walking when he was 11 months old!", "My sister's daughter had 10 teeth by the time she was 14 months!", "His kid feeds himself with spoon at this age", etc.

Dad caught me tearing a book recently and this has added more worries to his frustration because he thinks that I will not be good in school. To Dad's annoyance, Mum saw the good sides like how I carefully paid attention to flip over the pages one by one and how I closed the book after finish tearing its middle pages so she has put some of her old gossip magazines in my play-basket.

However, Dad's a great dad who:

1.   smiles when I smile
2.   cries when I cry
3.   makes a big fuss when not needed
4.   cooks the best yummy food for me on his day off
5.   tries to call an ambulance everytime I'm ill
6.   prays to every Gods and Goddesses when I'm ill
7.   comes home straight from work everyday to play with me
8.   gets a bit annoyed when I'm already in bed by the time he comes home
9.   is ready to do anything for me...ANYTHING!
10.  loves me more than Mum

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Mum is slacking...

I suddenly realised that I'm posting mainly for Wordless Wednesday, AS IF I live for it - Mum does because she controls this blog and she eagerly waits for that special Wednesday leading her to slack on my "important" updates and it is all your fault - Alicia and other mummy hosts!

Since I have 41 followers (woohoo!!) and also following many lovely bloggers, Mum takes time to visit each of them and leave a comment. If she sees any new bloggers who catch her eyes then she visits their page and read the posts and if they are good enough to tickle her funny bones or her soft heart then she ends up following them which means more slacking on MY blog.

And can mummys like Chelsey, B Mama, Jessica, Max's Mummy, Michelle and other mummys (you know who you are!) please please please not post too many pics of your adorable kids? The reason being that that makes her go "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" while she just gives me an "aww" - I'm less adorable to her these days. You might not realise it but that long "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" takes an awful lot of Mum's time which makes her think of your gorgeous kids and not me and the updates of my days go out of the window........Mum - You Suck!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Dubai

Always happy to link with gorgeous Alicia@A Beautiful Mess - and Amanda@My Ramblings - on a glorious Wednesday.
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