Monday, 16 August 2010

Daddy Dear

After failed attempts of Dad trying to make me walk on the boring walker and buying a musical activity walker to make me want to walk it more fun, I'm still crawling and I'm about to reach my 14th-month. Mum and Helper just let me be and they comfort Dad by saying that I WILL walk when I WANT to walk but Dad thinks that there's something wrong with me. Maybe I am just a late-starter but Dad can't help but to compare me with other kids! "My friend's son started walking when he was 11 months old!", "My sister's daughter had 10 teeth by the time she was 14 months!", "His kid feeds himself with spoon at this age", etc.

Dad caught me tearing a book recently and this has added more worries to his frustration because he thinks that I will not be good in school. To Dad's annoyance, Mum saw the good sides like how I carefully paid attention to flip over the pages one by one and how I closed the book after finish tearing its middle pages so she has put some of her old gossip magazines in my play-basket.

However, Dad's a great dad who:

1.   smiles when I smile
2.   cries when I cry
3.   makes a big fuss when not needed
4.   cooks the best yummy food for me on his day off
5.   tries to call an ambulance everytime I'm ill
6.   prays to every Gods and Goddesses when I'm ill
7.   comes home straight from work everyday to play with me
8.   gets a bit annoyed when I'm already in bed by the time he comes home
9.   is ready to do anything for me...ANYTHING!
10.  loves me more than Mum


Lori said...

How perfectly sweet. This made me smile so big. You will walk when you are ready and then in a flash you will be running and your daddy will wish you had never learned to walk let alone run away from him. This will give your daddy more to worry about but thats okay cause that's what daddy's do when they love their sweethearts. You need to tell your daddy that when you rip things and put things in your mouth to taste that you are learning. You have a very smart mommy to give you magazines to rip.

Happy Monday sweet little one! :)

Brandy said...

awwww. and it's hard not to compare kids to other kids but ya - he'll walk when he;s ready.

ModernMom said...

:) Good things come to those who day you will wish for the day he just crawled!

NENSA MOON said...

Hahaha... sound like Ash didn't like to compared with other kids how he grow ...
And Ash love dady more than mum..?!

Happy Tuesday sweetie Ash!!

auntie nensa

blueviolet said...

When you do start walking, you're probably going to run soon after.

m.e (Cathie) said...

what a great dad you have Ash!

can you please tell your mum that she is the sweetest!!
hugs to you ♥

Buckeroomama said...

LOL! Daddy's just anxious... which is kinda sweet. :)

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Tell your daddy that tearing books is perfectly normal little one behavior. That's the whole reason they make the thick board books - way harder for little hands to tear apart! No worries there - almost all little ones love to destroy fine literature!

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