Friday, 24 September 2010

Lost Follower(s)

OK, this is not good! I lost a follower and I really need to know how do you lose a follower? Mum has been extremely busy with work, Uni and domestic life so I blame her for this loss so I will definitely update more from now on - twice a week. Is twice a week good enough to keep a follower? Is this "through your eyes" perspective not readable? Guess it is a bit lame to type through my eyes when I can't even put A and B together but Mum can "read" my signs, apparently. Am I not leaving enough comments on other blogs? Any good tip is really appreciated.

Well I have to agree with you all that this blog has been bit of a drag after Mum started Uni but let's give her a break. She was so immersed in her reading materials on Saturday that she let me watch TV for an additional hour. Unfortunately, the enjoyment of extra hour of TV has not happened again because she has started reading when I take my 2 hour-nap.

Coming back to me, I have started walking a lot when someone holds my hands and am more vocal these days especially when I am on the slide or the swing. I humm along when Helper sings badly. My favourite hobby is still sitting by the window and watch the vehicles go by. I am also learning things faster like giving out a flying kiss, let the cars roll along (rather than throwing them on the floor with an evil laugh), giving a kiss especially to Mum since she demands it every other minute, fake those crocodile tears more often, shake my head and reject food when i want to drink water, copying anyone's laughter and putting things back in the play-basket. I also tried to figure out how to sip through a straw but I kept on biting it and no water was coming out. So I end this post with a question:

How did you force encourage your kid to suck on the straw?


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Mine goes up and down all the time, sometimes it's google and sometimes ppl I think reach the cap of how many they can read and start deleting some. I'm there with you. :)

NENSA MOON said...

I think I have the same experience...
sometimes up and down... but it's ok..
For Ash, if you wanna suck the drink through the straw.. don't bit the straw...OK?! hehe..
auntie nensa

love_united said...

Don't worry's normal. My blog doesn't have even one follower and I know why, I don't update it. The mantra is to keep on updating..and realizing that mum is busy in her study, updating twice a week seems relevant. I am always following the blog..happy blogging!!


Lori said...

I gain and lose followers all the time...sometimes people close their blogs so are no longer following...sometimes people are just too busy...sometimes they lose interest...sometimes I write about things that some people don't want to read about...I have almost gotten rid of the followers gadget because personally it doesn't matter how many followers I have.

I think it depends on a persons purpose of blogging...I've come to realize that you have to blog frequently and comment frequently and be out blog hopping to increase your followers. For me I don't have the time for this nor the desire. I think when these kinds of things start bothering us we need to step back and ask ourselves our purpose of blogging.

I know for me I blog to not only do something I love, which is writting...I started my blog to record my journey and as a place to talk to a sense finding my voice...I read blogs in order to learn and connect with others. I don't have many friends that live near me so I am pretty isolated. Blogging keeps me connected and find this vital for my sanity. :)I find much more fullfillment in connecting with a smaller number of people then trying to connect with a high number.

There are times I don't get to blog or read other blogs due to my health issues or because I am too busy living life and taking care of the things I'm suppose to.

I think your Mum's attending University is very important so I don't think you need to fret about followers.

I am so happy to read that you are doing so many fun things these days. Just reading about them makes me smile. You will learn how to drink out of a straw...just practice and soon it will be easy. :)

Please give your Mum a hug for me and tell her she is doing a great job! Hope you and your parents have a most wonderful weekend and get to do something fun together. XXX

Crystal Escobar said...

Well I replaced your lost follower :) I'm brand new here, and really love your blog. I lose a follower here and there, and every blogger I talk to gets the same thing. I don't think it's anything you've done or didn't do. It just happens:)

Brandy@YDK said...

followers come and go.

G learned to suck through the straw by my putting liquid in it and letting gravity help

Amy said...

No worries about followers. I know I have some that come and go also. It really does not matter. I get happy to just have someone stop on by and say Hi. My little one just got use to the straw on her own. Like in the juice boxes. Have a great day..

Midwest Mommy said...

It's always wonkers for me too.

Sandra said...

I'm still here Ash's Mom!
As for drinking through a straw...hmmmm...I'm not sure. I've had four kids, and isn't it funny, I have no idea how and when they figured that out.

AVCr8teur said...

I lose one or two followers too sometimes and don't know why. I update regularly and don't write anything offensive. Oh well, what are you going to do? If they like you, they will come back so don't worry. I think putting their favorite drink in a cup should entice them to suck from the straw, no?

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Sucking through a straw can be pretty tricky. You're doing good because even at 47, I'm still tempted to just bite the straw.

Don't sweat losing followers. They do come and go. It's something that can't be taken personally.

Velvet Over Steel said...

Don't worry or be so hard on yourself! It happens to me all the time. When I don't post often or probably because I don't have the time to visit everyone like would like. But I too am working fulltime and am the only one who is there for my son. To help him with homework, everything. I personally thinks its rude. I am very understanding and never keep score; in blog world, friendships, etc. But I know a lot that do.

Thank you so much for your recent visit and comment. I really appreciate it & I will so try to be a better blogger. Probably won't be hard with winter coming and I have noone here in this little town ect. for my son and I couldn't sell my house. I am stuck... So I will blog! You all cheer me up so much!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Alysha (Supermom) said...

I am replacing your lost follower. I know how it feels and it sucks. really. Just know that it is normal and we have all been there. Don't worry. My numbers go up and down all the time. :)

p.s. I would love for you to join me this Monday to jump start my new meme, Memory Making Mondays. It is a meme to remind not only myself but others to constantly take pictures to capture every day memories. I hope you will join in :)

Buckeroomama said...

About sucking through a straw... try drinking your liquids with a straw so that he sees you doing it. Oh, and maybe try to get one of those twisty (clear) straws so that he gets the extra "reward" of seeing the liquid go up and down the straw when he sucks. Don't sweat it... he'll eventually get it. :)

Don't sweat losing a follower or two either. It sucks when it happens, but don't let it be your primary motivation for blogging. :)

Paige said...

losing followers just happens yah know? I wouldn't take it personally. I know ive definitely lost people before.

ModernMom said...

UG I hate it when I lose a follower...but it happens all the time:( They come and go.

So exciting tat Ash is walking when holding on to hands:)

Ash said...

thanks all - mum really needed a kick on her backside to realise what is more important. :)

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