Friday, 10 September 2010


Education starts from home but there's only Helper to teach me during the week so maybe that's why I don't babble too much/not said my first word yet. Helper sings the famous nursery ryhme like this:

"Baa Baa Buck Ship, Haf Yeh Eny Ool? Yash Sir Yash Sir 3-4-5..."

Mum told her not to sing if she doesn't know the words but she LOVES to sing! Mum and Dad overlooks her poor English because she is great on taking care of me. Things you have to put up with for great love and greater care.

After a well-thought plan (in process) of Mum, we might be moving back to London in a couple of years. Mum despises the miserable weather and high taxes but UK is well-known for its superb quality of education so she'll be getting dragged backwards by me and my future.

Hong Kong's education is not bad if you know the lingo but the best local schools are hard to get into (pressure on parents) and also hard to stay once you're in (pressure on kids). Second option is international school which will cost you an arm, a leg and a bit of your hair. Talking about education, Mum is going back to Uni to do Professional Diploma in Legal Executive Studies mainly because she doesn't want to be one of those old grey haired women with glasses who has been a secretary for more than 30 years!! No offence to any old grey haired women with glasses but she'd like to better her career to provide me with a good future. I am her "motivation". It will take 2 years of her precious time to complete this course and we can finally stop hearing her regretting to herself "I coulda...."


Buckeroomama said...

Education in HK... that's partly why we still don't have #3! :) It is expensive --especially if you don't want to go the local route... and you wouldn't want to go the local route if you don't speak the language and if you don't want too much pressure/stress on your kids or on yourself.

Ironic, though, that education IS a concern of mine if we move back to Canada. I feel that the quality of education and the choices we have here is better. That said, I still have to thoroughly study what options are available back there...

Lori said...

Your helper sounds wonderful. How nice that she sings with you even if she changes the words a little(shhh..don't tell anyone, we do that at our house ALL the time & we have so much fun with it!).

You must be very proud of your mom for working so hard to better herself with getting more education. I know that isn't easy with everything else on her plate.

I have a feeling you are going to be pretty darn smart no matter where you are going to school. :)

I hope you and your family have a wonderful happy weekend together! XX

Brandy@YDK said...

congrats - that's awesome.

Amy said...

Great post you are an amazing Mom..

Melissa (Confessions of a Dr. Mom) said...

I love how your "Helper" sings to your baby! This posts from the eyes of Ash...are so cute and funny!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

How very sweet that she sings even if she doesn't really know the words. Tough decisions but it sounds like you're making one that is going be good one for you and the family.

kara-noel said...

Ha! Best of luck going back to school. I have my BA, but wish I would have done my Masters before kiddos... oh well... "I shoulda"

Kristina P. said...

Ok, your Ash makes my uterus hurt! He is adorable.

I wish I could visit London, Hong Kong, or anywhere cool.

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