Saturday, 22 January 2011

Back till... time and since we're here now, just wanted to quickly inform and apologise that Mum had 2 exams and 3 assignments in Dec and Jan hence the lack of love on this blog. Mum and Dad have also ventured into restaurant business so that is keeping them way way way busy! I can't complain much as I am not talking yet.

When I went for my 18 month's check-up, the nurse worried Mum saying that I seem slow on my speech and mental growth. Mum said that she understands what I want through my actions so she is not too worried which made the nurse gasp frown. Mum said that she heard boys talk later than girls and I hardly throw a tantrum so maybe that's why I am not that responsive as I am supposed to be...guess Mum wanted the nurse to be responsive too but she was furiously scribbling notes on her note-pad with a frown! She gently put down on her note-pad, turned her frown into a fake smile and told Mum that she will schedule me with a doctor next.

Most readers know that we live in Hong Kong but we aren't Chinese so the laidback attitude of Mum is not cutting it, apparently! Most readers must have read/heard about the controversial Amy Chua aka "Tiger Mother" by now and guess that's what that nurse wanted Mum to think about - about being a Tiger Mother! She's more of a mieeoowww than a grrrrowwwl so as people say "let sleeping cats lie!"


Buckeroomama said...

Ah, yes... one tends to get that here.

I haven't read Amy Chua's book yet, but I've read enough comments and reviews that I am now intrigued and want to get hold of a copy!

Mahmee said...

You are getting so big! Please tell your mum that I'm all about the 'meow' too. Amy Chua can keep the dictatorship all to herself.
Hope all is well with you and Mum!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ash, surprised to note you not 'Chinese'?
Thai? Vietnamese? Canadians? Ha ha.
Wow, you have or running your own restaurant?
Good for you.
So? Whats the menu like?

Seafood. Must have the name and address should we ever stop in HK, say hello try your gourmet cooking.
Have fun and wishing you good business.
Best regards,

GrammyMouseTails said...

So glad so "see" you Ash! you have really gotten big! I think your mum has the right attitude, you are growing fine and since I had 2 boys, they both did milestones at dif times. everyone is different :) are you going to be a chef in training along with the potty part?
~hugs, Faythe @GMT~

Brandy@YDK said...

sometimes you just gotta let them grow up their own way

Saimi said...

I hear Tiger mom had her hands full with her second child...Sometimes what goes around, comes around!

I would love to get my hands on Ash and have him screened. I work in a Special Ed preschool and some of our children are language delayed. I could tell you in a hear beat where he's at.

Good luck with the doctor!!

Deidra said...

Amy Chua created quite a buzz, didn't she?

In one of my roles, I work as a contributing editor for a network called The High Calling. Recently, at The High Calling, Helen Lee had a post up offering another perspective. In the post, Lee shares her experience and that of her husband. Two very different experiences, but both considered failures.

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