Thursday, 28 July 2011

Good Doc v Bad Doc

After my birth, Mum and Dad took me to 4 different doctors as they were not too sure about how they were. 2 of them are 5 minutes walk from our flat so Mum and Dad settled on them.

The first 3 times, they tried the more expensive Doc (Bad Doc already!) and I was not feeling it. The nurses were too busy for me and when I entered the Bad Doc's room, it gave me a surgery-friendly type of feeling rather than a kid-friendly. Bad Doc started by questioning the regular stuff and lifted my tee to put her cold stethoscope on my chest and throughout this, I would be crying! Crying continued when Bad Doc put the cold stethoscope on my back for few more seconds. Yes, the tears were still pouring when Bad Doc put the lolly-stick (without the lolly) in my mouth and Mum was just silently praying for the check-up to end soon. Bad Doc prescribed antibiotics and other 3 packets of pills and she prescribed antibiotics at every visit!

Guess Mum was not feeling it either so she started taking me to the second doc (Good Doc). Warm lovely smiles of the nurses made me smile! Good Doc's room felt more kid-friendly and he knew how to distract me when I start frowning on the sight of the cold stethoscope. The nurse would call out my name with thunderous claps which made me look at her and I didn't even notice Good Doc had finished examining my ears! The best part of the visit for me was handing out stickers to the kids and the best part for Mum and Dad was the cheaper bill.

Do you know which Doc are we visiting these days? Here's a clue: Oh, what a difference a Good Doctor makes!


GrammyMouseTails said...

doctors can be scary! so good mum found a good one for you. hope you are feeling better :) and no more antibiotics. ~Faythe @GMT

Anonymous said...

YAY for good docs

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