Monday, 29 March 2010

Cough Cough Cough

Mum and Dad took me to the GP again on Friday and she gave me more of those syrup - cough and runny nose and added antibiotics 'Augmentin' this time. It was the same antibiotics which was prescribed to me when I had human swine flu, the hospital had also prescribed Tamiflu to me but Mum was a bit wary coz it has more of the bad reviews than good - Even the doc at the hospital told Mum that it is upto her whether she gives it to me or not, which sounded dodgy, so after juggling with her options, Mum opted not to give it to me. Better be cautious than sorry!

My cough has settled down a bit but I still have a runny nose. The syrups are sweet and they make me sleepy, which gives some free time to helper V and Mum. I used to sleep a lot when I was younger but nowadays, I nap lesser and I have to crawl, slide, grab everything that catches my eye, stand up by holding onto helper V or anyone sitting next to me and I have even mastered the skill of sitting up after crawling. I can't wait to start walking and running - give more exercise to Mum! She needs it!!

Link of the Day: is a wicked HK website for all the mummies and wanting-to-be mummies.


rebelONrise said...

heeeh heeh....cautious mom!!!

Ash said...

you will be when you have one yourself too. ;)

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