Friday, 26 March 2010

Summary till today

Since I want to post of those early days till now, I am writing a short summary:

~ My first holiday with Mum and grandma was on 14 Jul 2009. Dad joined us in Aug 2009. We stayed there till 27 Oct 2009 and I had an awesome time as I got to meet my grandpa, uncles, aunties, nieces, nephews and cousins. I got lots of attention and care since I was the youngest one in the big family. Aunty K came to visit from UK too and she loved to cuddle me.

~ When we returned to HK, Mum had to restart her job and helper V came to look after me. I think that Mum missed me more than I missed her. Dad was worst - he kept on calling helper V everytime he was on a break.

~ To Mum's surprise, I first rolled over on 29 Nov 2009 and started sliding across the floor from 27 Dec 2009. I still haven't been able to master the skill of proper crawling yet but I slide/half-crawl from one place to another which is good enough for me.

~ I love drinking milk and I eyed-up Mum and Dad's food everytime they ate, I even drooled but Mum waited till I turned 6 months to introduce organic rice cereal to me. Talk about strictness! Anyway, I took the spoon as I had been eating with it long before I was born. I preferred the plain organic rice cereal than those banana/apple flavoured ones. I even got a puree of banana and apple separately but it was too sour for me. Mum thought to stop giving them to me coz I kept on making funny faces.

~ Mum has been giving me
Woodward's Gripe Water - Alcohol Free! since I was 4 months old so I had no problem when my first tooth popped out on 15 Jan 2010. A second one appeared soon after that. Feels very funny in my mouth, I tell you. My other teeth are trying to come out and now, I have been hit with fever, cough and vomit. I guess the daily feeding of gripe water might not always work. Apparently, it does help you with colic and stomach upsets. I am not a colicky baby nor had horrible stomach upsets yet so gripe water might have worked on those parts. Who knows?

~ Since my appetite was growing and lots of different types of food was on offer, Mum started to feed me puree of rice with carrots and lentils from 23 Jan 2010 onwards. It was yummy! Sometimes, the puree of rice was mixed with pumpkin/broccoli/potato/egg and I enjoyed every spoonfuls. Mum asked helper V to introduce one new item and wait till 2-3 days to check if I am allergic to it. Egg seemed to make my skin a bit funny so helper V stopped mixing egg. before introducing solids, Mum checked out lots of baby-websites which are listed at the bottom of this post.

~ I was seriously ill with high fever and cough on 1 Mar 10. I went to the local GP but I was still ill after taking the medicines he gave me so on 2 Mar 10, Mum and Dad rushed me to the Emergency Department of the same hospital that I was born. I was considered a low-risk case so we had to wait 3 hours before we got to see the doc. They did x-ray on me and sent me to the baby ward for further checkups. I just slept through the high fever but cried a lot when nurses and docs kept waking me up to poke me at places that I didn't like. I had contracted human swine flu. Mum and Dad were highly stressed out but had to hold everything together for me. Mum stayed with me for 2 nights at the hospital and since my fever didn't return after the second day, the doc discharged me with medicines on 4 Mar 10. Mum and I were so HAPPY to leave the horrible hospital. Mum has gone mental on cleanliness in the flat since then!

Today, I am suffering from cough and runny nose. Mum took me to the local GP on Saturday and I finished my medicines too but the annoying cough is still there. Helper V said that this is all due to teething and I hope so coz better it be teething than human swine flu again!! Dad is at home with me today and he is fussing over my cough and cold. We will wait till Mum gets home tonight and decide whether to take me back to the GP or not.

Mum's favourite baby websites:
...and other websites that Mum finds when she searches on


rebelONrise said...

lovely post Angie...seriously...u r such a total mom...ash is going to appreciate all ur efforts wen he grows up! :)

Ash said...

cheers my lovely! xx

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