Monday, 19 April 2010

I'm getting there....

On Saturday, Mum got me all ready to meet another baby and she could do with new faces as well. Helper and Dad's S-I-L also got on the bus with us and helped Mum with closing and opening the stroller, which she finds rather annoying! I can tell that it is not easy to close a stroller when carrying a heavy 10 month old - she should have bought a lighter stroller or just feed me lesser (which I will object to with lots of awful noises).

I wasn't active enough for my new friend "B" because I had just had one big bowl of congee and that hour was supposed to be my nap-time. Anyway, excited movements of B and the new surrounding kept me awake. B and I attracted a lot of attention because B is a blue-eyed baby boy with a big smile and I am just I.

Mum met up with Helper and S-I-L after we bade farewell to B and his mum. We went for a long stroll around Hong Kong Park which is a relaxing landscape of 8 hectares among the hustle bustle of a busy business area. It has an artificial lake with massive koi fish and lots and lots of beautiful green trees, plants, butterflies and birds.

My favourite moment of that day was coming home right on time for my evening meal - not so much of the "coming home" but rather the perfect ending with "evening meal". I am guessing Mum's favourite moment was the whole day with me especially when I did not throw a fuss with new faces this time.


rebelONrise said... the way you wrote this blog angie...ash is gonna be soooo gr8ful to u for this....while reading it, it kinda feels like as if ash had written it...hehehe.... :)

rebelONrise said...

alrite...finally i got the time to read all your posts...and i LOVE them!!!
keep writing Angie, this is such an efficient way of keeping a journal that Ash can refer to one day... :)

Ash said...

thanks for the comments. when he'll give me a hard time, i'll tell him to read this blog! :p

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