Tuesday, 13 April 2010

When a happy baby turns into a cry baby...

I'm 99% a happy baby. I hardly cry or make a fuss. Our neighbours asked Mum whether I was away since they don't hear any baby-noise. I have been blabbering a lot of "mmummm mummmaaaasss aaaas eeeesss oooossss" and Mum talks back as if she knows what I'm referring to. Crazy woman!!

The non-stop crying part starts when Mum takes me to someone's house. I cry from the moment we enter the flat's lift/door till Mum leaves with me and her embarassment. I do fine when I'm out under an open sky. I guess that I am too used to my comfort zone and when Mum tries to introduce me to a new environment with new faces, which messes up my 'eat and sleep' schedule, I act out by wailing with my tears and snots out. I still look cute though!

Lately, Mum has been trying to make me meet more buddies in the hope of getting me used to new faces and more of that has to do with my upcoming birthday party. Will I wail my hear out on that special day? Let's just wait and see - I might surprise you.

Link of the Day: http://www.partyparadise.com.hk/ (Party Goods Supplier - Mum's using them for balloons, candle, birthday banner, etc.)


rebelONrise said...

crazy woman is RITE...lol!!!

Ash said...

momma knows best! kekekeke

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