Monday, 24 May 2010

I'm a Big Brother!

We got a big surprise last week as Dad's S-I-L gave birth to a cute baby boy - he was supposed to come out in mid-June! Mum got me all tidy to welcome him yesterday but he was suffering from jaundice so he's getting discharged today. I'm a big brother now and Mum keeps on telling me that I have to behave well because the little brother will look upto me as his idol (does he get a choice?). To start with, I have passed most of my old stuff to his parents. Dad said that he'll want them back in future which got Mum to raise an eyebrow to ask "what for??!". You know where I get the cheekiness from!

Dad loves baby girls and he was a bit disappointed when he found out my gender during one of Mum's ultrasound scans. He even told his S-I-L that her baby better be a girl. As long as the baby is healthy then that's what should matter and Dad knows this too but he really wished for me and the little brother to be girls. Dad said that he wants to take the girl shopping for beautiful pink frocks and brush her long hair and make her all pretty. Shouldn't Mum be the one thinking like this? Mum's friend passed her a Chinese Chart where you can figure out the gender of the baby based on the woman's age and due date. It was accurate for Mum - is it accurate for you?

Grandmum says that babies are god-gifted and once a baby (whether it's a boy or a girl!) enters a person's life, the world changes in a nice way...for most. For some, it might be a nightmare as he/she wouldn't know how to deal with the new responsibility and he/she might regret the baby's birth leading to horrible consequences. Luckily for me, Mum & Dad falls under the "nice" category but if some parents fall under the "nightmare" category then they should seek professional help before it's too late!

I'm going to be 1 year old next month and we're doing a countdown - 26 days to go!!! Lately, Mum has been pretty good at picking up my actions. If I stand up on her lap and look towards the bedroom, that means "I'm ready for my nap!". If it's my meal-time and I want water then I close my mouth, block it with my hands and refuse to eat the solids. If I want her to push me faster on the swing then I flail my arms and legs and throw a bit of a fuss - same goes when she wants to take me out to give turns to other babies. (I know what I want for my birthday!!!) Does action speak louder for other Mummies too? Please share if you like.


Mr. Stupid said...

Wow. Just 26 days. I hope they run faster than ever and you celebrate your Big Birthday!
And congrats on becoming a Big Brother. Hooray!


RoseBelle said...

What a smart little fella, Ash. He already knows to give you cues on what he wants which takes away the guessing work for us moms. You know, I did test out the Chinese chart because I was skeptical but was surprised that all three of my kids gender were right on the mark. How very, very interesting...and how was this chart put together? Sometimes, I think people were so much smarter then than now.

Allison @ I heart Change said...

Cute! They grow too fast, don't they? 26 days!

What a clever guy he is.

Sir and Miss said...

I happened to test out the Chinese chart too. Amazingly accurate for both of my children. How was such a tool created? Was it based on math or astrology? So clever.


Buckeroomama said...

Time really does fly... enjoy each and every moment with Ash. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness this was darling! I am all for the chinese gender chart, Clover was right on dot. Anyhow congrats your little dude is going to be an amazing big brother, he is just too cute.

christine said...

Congrats on being a big brother! Remember to teach him well. :)

Such a cutie!

ModernMom said...

Oh one year goes by so so fast...don't forget to pick out a cake too!

Serline said...

"With great power come great responsibilities." Be a good boy and set a positive example, ok? ;-)

Ash said...

thanks all for your wonderful comments. :)

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