Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Why So Serious?

I know Mum misses me a lot when she's at work and the first thing she does when she gets home is pick me up (after cleaning her hands thoroughly!) and shower me with hugs and kisses. I flail my arms and legs with excitement and send out high pitches of happiness when she carries me to the lift because I know that I'm going out. The flailing is so vigorous that Mum ends up being badly slapped about in the head and face - "this slap is for leaving me at home with Helper and that's for making me eat strawberries which weren't sweet enough and that's for making me wear a nappy...". I'm kidding ofcourse because Mum knows that I'm just showing my excitement and not meaning to cause any harm.

In the lift, I "try" to press every buttons and Mum is quicker to keep me away from those. The guard opens the main door for us and out is the world of lights, lights and more lights. My smile vanishes as I get busy looking at all those wonderful bright lights. Mum stops in front of the pedestrian crossing and doesn't cross the road even if it is a green man because she knows how I love to stare at the blinking green man. We wait for the red man and cross it on the second blinking green man.

My face is still expressionless as I take in all the moving objects, loud sounds, some beautiful smell as well as the unwanted smell and sights of other babies and pets. Mum takes me to my favourite thing on the playground - the swing! 1-2-3-Wheeeeee, 1-2-3-Wheeeeee and still no smile. Mum is starting to think that it might not be my favourite thing afterall. Even the kid on the other swing is smiling at Mum because she is teasing me by making funny faces IN PUBLIC - things she does to see my smile. She is such an embarassment sometimes!

A full 15 mins on the swing and not 1 smile, Mum takes me home where my smiles return. There used to be days when I smiled at everybody on the street but now, why so serious?? No one knows but me *evil laughs* but if you do know the answer then please leave a comment. Mum would love you for it!

Link of the Day: (Smile! The world is viewing your lameness.)


Natasha said...

Wait until your little one is not so little! Sometimes my 10 year son hugs me so hard it really really hurts! I don't complain too much, though, because I don't want him to stop hugging me!

Best wishes,

ModernMom said...

Aww,,My guess is she is just taking it all in:)

Ash said...

@natasha - aww your son and you are so cute! i can't wait to hug Mum!! ;)

@modernmom - thanks for your guess. Mum is guessing the same.

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

OMG, this is so cute!

I happen to like his name. My daughter's name is Aiyana and we are always having to remind people of her name. Before her birthday and Christmas we get lots of text asking how to spell it.

alicia said...

I wish I could go back to the days when my I didn't really know what was going on up there. Now they are way entirely too vocal. Thanks for dropping by. I'm with you-- facebook sucks.


Serline said...

It's alright. Adults have to learn some tough lessons, that little children aren't necessarily there to entertain them ;-P

Buckeroomama said...

LOL! The lengths we'd go to just to coax a smile, huh?

(I love Serline's comment. True, though, isn't it?)

Have a good weekend!

Serline said...

Thanks for your concerns about my well-being in Bangkok. Today was the first time a great impact was felt. My hubby's office is on Sathorn Road, not far from the primary area of conflict. Senior management ordered the office shut for the weekend; just as well, the conflict spread in the afternoon and the road was essentially sealed off. Public transport was suspended early, stranding many people - including my 2 older kids - amidst traffic hell all over. My hubby walked over 10km to get to them and brought them home safely.

But we are fortunate; Andre's friend is suffering without electricity and water in his posh apartment right smack in the middle of the paralyzed shopping district. I get this may be a big topic of discussion at our BBQ session tomorrow evening...

RoseBelle said...

I miss my kids when I worked but I don't anymore. You know, reading this makes me remember how happy my babies were when they saw me after work. The bright smile and the tight cling onto me. You should cherish all these precious moments now. They go by so fast!

Sir and Miss said...

Gosh, your post reminds me of my daughter - just ask Natasha. When I put Miss P on the swing she either just sits there unamused and sometimes cries until I take her off. As for smiles? Well, like Ash, will smile for my family but anyone else? Well, they need to do something pretty special to get those lips to curl upwards.

Makes me laugh. Already I can see her strength of character shining through - just like Ash!


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