Friday, 22 October 2010

Mood Swings

I've got moods incase you think that babies/kids aren't supposed to have one. Mum got a surprise when I waved her "bye" and blew flying kisses last week - everytime she leaves for work, she waves "bye" and blows kisses to me in the hope of getting that love reciprocated (she has been doing this since she restarted work in Oct 2009!). She expected me to do the same the following day but I wasn't just in the mood so she went to work with a sad face. Come on, Mum - I will do the formalities only when I feel like, OK? Jeeeez!!

We see other 17-month olds and younger walking around and I'm still crawling because I'm cooler that way. I don't need to follow the trend. Walking while holding onto something is as good as it gets for now. When I start walking/running, Mum and Dad would wish that I was still crawling. I've got a regular checkup in Dec so Mum and Dad are hoping that I'll independently walk by then - if not then Dad will be taking me to the specialist.

Weather's getting cooler but still in the 20s and my runny-nose-cough saga continues for the second time in the same month. I can see Mum tearing her hair over this once again!


Lori said...

What a sweet Mum you have! I know all about these mood swings that you little people have. :) You need to not compare yourself to your 17 month old friends. And you are so right, when you start running they are going to be wishing you sat still for longer then 30 seconds.

It is getting cooler here too but during the day we have been having very beautiful fall nights it gets pretty cool though. Winter is just around the corner.

Now go on and smile, blow your Mum a kiss and wave to will make her very happy. I promise. :)

Give your Mum a big hug for me. XX

Sending you love, smiles and hugs your way sweet little one. XX

NENSA MOON said...

You are such a lucky baby, sweet Ash!!
You have a wonderful and caring mom and dad around you...
It's better if you give them happiness by your blowing kisses and flying bye whenever they go to work... But if you don't want... just give them your cute smile...ok!

take care, sweet Ash!
auntie nensa

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