Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sunday ~ Funday

I received an invitation to one of Mum's colleague's daughter's 1st birthday party and Mum is anxious since it falls on a Sunday which is Dad's working day and also Helper's day off. She nearly declined the invitation because it is not easy to travel with a heavy toddler and a stroller. I'm still not walking yet so she will have to carry me while trying to open/close the stroller with the other free hand before getting into a cab/bus. Even on buses, you have to close the stroller "before" boarding, not after! Imagine Mum carrying me, carrying the stroller, trying to pay the bus fare while getting on board - she needs 4 hands for all this! It would have been easy if the driver just let her get on with me on the stroller. Fair enough if the bus is jam-packed but when there is a space for an open stroller then they should just let it be. Sometimes (and I mean "rarely") someone will lend a hand to Mum with the stroller and kudos to those few good citizens. There is a good no. of rules plastered on the bus on what to do and what not to do and they should definitely add "Please help anyone in need". Common courtesy in Hong Kong is a whole new post…..anyway, Mum has decided to scrap the bus crap and take a cab on that day - works for me!

After months of deciding whether to put me into an organised playgroup or not, Mum has taken the plunge to take me to a trial class at KiddiKraft. She wanted to put me into the famous Woodland Tree House but they don't do weekend playgroups - she could have put me there during the week BUT Mum wanted to be there with me (new readers need to know that she has a full-time job and also attends Uni in the evenings) and KiddiKraft seems perfect since it is a 10-min walk from our place and the particular session is on a Sunday. If anyone from Hong Kong is reading this blog then make sure you come back because there will be a review on how the trial class went.


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm anxious to hear how you loved the birthday party too. So much fun being at a kid's birthday party. Your mom is the smartest!! Taking a cab will save lots of struggling.

Buckeroomama said...

I'd be interested in hearing how your trial class at KiddiKraft went. Hope Ash enjoyed it. :)

Paige said...

your baby is so effing cute!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I'm glad you get to go. One handed I hear you about that :). The cab ride should be fun!

the need to help others should just be done but we know how that goes.

NENSA MOON said...

Dont worry Ash, your Mum was so smart... so you can go and enjoy the birthday party... but you also must try and continue to train hard so you could able to walk yourself.

About the trial class at KiddiKraft... it sound good for you, Ash!!

Happy Friday to you and your loved mummy!
hugs n kisses,
auntie nensa

RoseBelle said...

Yeah, definitely not easy at all taking the bus with a baby, stroller, and baby bag in tow. Most passengers here would just look at you rather than offering to help. I remember when I was 6 or 7 months pregnant boarding a crowded bus and you know, everyone only looked, but no one got up to offer me their seats. I guess courtesy is not that common anymore.

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