Tuesday, 2 November 2010


A change is difficult to make - be it good or bad. I have been forced trying to shift from drinking water from a bottle to a straw cup but the sipping through a straw just makes me smile and I end up spilling the water out. Mum bought a waterproof bib with pockets (<---- click on the link to check out the SuperBib) from Eugene Club in Central mainly because Helper was complaining about the amount of tees and bibs that she had to change in a day (I thought "cleaning up" was a part of her job description?). This bib is perfect for spilling/spitting toddlers! More so for those who likes to spill out those gooey sticky nasty liquid medicines. Let the mess begin (if Helper lets me, that is.....)!

A change in safety and appearance - putting safety corners on the table did not impress Dad because the table looked ugly with them on but better safe than sorry...errrr...hmmm...they did not stay there for too long as I have enough power to rip them off (eat your veggies, kids!) and these things are supposed to be "baby-proof"? I should invent "toddler-proof" when I'm a bit bigger and can talk about marketing stuff.

A change to my dummy/pacifier - Mum likes to get pacifiers with cool prints but yesterday, the choices were limited so she got me one with a panda face on it. Big mistake as it was NOT Avent's! OK, I am not a spoilt brat but if you give me Avent pacifier since I opened my eyes to this polluted wonderful world then I expect Avent till....whenever I am ready to stop taking the pacifier! The panda-faced pacifier does look cute but it's not Avent. I took it to bed lastnight but couldn't sleep for a good half an hour so Mum changed it to Avent pacifier and off I went to my dreamland full of Avent products.

Next change coming up is "Toothbrushing". You'd think Mum would be too busy to notice about my things but she keeps coming up with these ideas of changes for me. What about the changes I want or do not want? You can see it coming if I'd my way. "Yes, I'd want a New Mum for a change! Thanks very much!"


Natasha said...

One day you will thank your mum for coming up with all these crazy ideas....like brushing teeth!

Best wishes and have fun with your cup!

blueviolet said...

Brushing teeth? Now that will be something! Tell mom to choose a yummy flavor for you!

Lori said...

The nice thing about drinking water is that if it spills it isn't sticky and it eventually dries. :) I used plastic bibs with my little ones and they save on changing clothes because of spills.

Us Mums like to try tricking you every now and again with trying different things with you. You little one's are way too smart and figure us out pretty quickly!

I think you will learn to like brushing your teeth. My little one's didn't like it at first but then they begged to do it all the time. :)

I don't think you will want to change to a new Mum since you have the best one already. :)

Sending hugs and love to you and your Mum. XX

Brandy@YDK said...

hilarious! Grayson has used the same paci from birth on too. he refuses all the other kinds

GrammyMouseTails said...

Ash, things like this happen when you grow bigger & get teeth & make bigger messes... You have a wonderful mommy... be nice, so she don't hide all your favorite paci's! Tell Mum that she was correct in my guessing contest last week, making here a
Wednesday Wizard! come on over & see the whole picture & try to figure out the one for next week, and she can claim the coveted Wednesday Wizards Badge to proudly display on your blog to show off how smart you all are :)
~hugs~ Faythe @GMT

Elle said...

Ash I know how you feel. My mama does things like babyproof and I figure out the loopholes before she does. Grown-ups are so funny. Brushing teeth isn't so bad. I'm getting used to it now although I keep my parents on their toes by throwing my toothbrush on the floor or in the sink when they least expect it. :) Of course I do that no matter what I'm doing.

-the little hummingbird

Crystal Escobar said...

So cute, I just love how you write through his perspective, so fun to read :)

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